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Here’s the Plan

The FCC killed net neutrality. But Congress can still restore it using The Congressional Review Act (CRA). So we’re telling our elected officials: sign the discharge petition to restore net neutrality, or face the wrath of the Internet on Election Day. Here’s what we're doing:

  • Registering as many net neutrality supporters to vote for the first time as possible. Tell everyone to text VOTE to 384-387 to get started. (Message and data rates apply, reply STOP to opt out.)
  • Educating first-time and non voters about where their candidates stand with our updated Vote for Net Neutrality scorecard.
  • Mobilizing volunteers across the Internet to text voters in key districts where our pressure calling for lawmakers to act can have the most impact.
  • Recruiting local action teams to organize protests, pass out lawn signs, and do voter education at the polls in key districts.
  • Spreading the word. Click here to find Vote for Net Neutrality tweets, social media materials, graphics, and more.

See where the candidates stand

Enter your address below. Don’t worry… we do not store your address. It will only be used to look up candidates in your district. We’ll provide you with a list of all the candidates running for the Senate and House in your district, and show you where they stand on restoring net neutrality. Then we’ll show you the most important things you can do to make sure the free and open Internet wins in 2018.

Data from Fight for the Future and Common Cause’s Our Democracy 2018. Candidates can update their status here.

Join a local
action group

We’ve created Facebook groups so that people all across America can organize protests, pass out lawn signs, and help educate voters at the polls in key districts. There are many different ways to to help out in a lot of important races, so join a local action group today!

A map of net neutrality Facebook Groups

Social media

Put your small piece of the Internet on alert by changing your profile on social media to the images below. Then click here to see ideas for blog posts, emails, tweets and more.

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How does VoteBot work?

Simply enter your number above or text VOTE to 384-387 and respond to a few questions. First, we'll look up your voter registration status using Target Smart, a secure service. If you are not registered to vote, we will direct you to Turbo Vote so you can make sure you are ready to participate in the 2018 elections.

Next, we'll let you know who is running for the US Senate and the US House of Representatives in your district using Google Civic Information. We'll also tell you which candidates support or opppose net neutrality based on information compiled by Fight for the Future and Common Cause. We encourage you to contact these candidates and let them know you want them to support net neutrality before the election.

Remember that you’re texting with Vote Bot, so data & message rates may apply. You can text STOP to 384-387 any time to stop receiving messages.

Please be aware that the services we use are not always 100% accurate. You may be registered to vote even if our system says otherwise. And in some rare cases, Congressional districts have been recently changed and the Google Civic Information API hasn't been updated. If you find an error, you can let us know by emailing [email protected]. We'll try to fix it if we can.